Thank you for visiting!  Petal-Una is a micro-collection of one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces built around hand-dyed, painted, printed, textured and felted cloth. each piece originates and is manufactured, one at a time, in my Atlanta, Georgia studio.

I have been creating art-textiles for over 20 years and have been building felted garments for 10 of those years.  Petal-una was launched in the Fall of 2012 as an on-going wearable art project involving a number of different textile techniques and materials, including but not limited to felted cloth.   Since its inception, distinctive, one-of-a-kind fabrics are developed each season for Petal-Una’s very limited art-to-wear collections. These collections have become a regular and integral part of my creative practice. The work emerging from this collection inspires, and is inspired by, the other streams of my creative process.  For more about that work, please visit my main fiber and textile and art portfolio.

A Word About My On-Line Shop:

The typical on-line shopping experience is not a good fit for the sale and nature of my collections.  However, I do want to offer an on-line purchasing option for selected pieces.  For information and prices on all available work, please refer to the “Available Pieces” page, which is current.  I also show through my studio and will be showing elsewhere throughout the year.  New work is also updated on my Facebook and Insta pages.  For direct shop links on new listings, please sign up for my monthly newsletter or follow my blog.  If you see anything you are interested in on the site but not in the shop, please contact me to inquire further.  Kindly send your inquiries (retail only) about any of the work you see on this site (or to be on our mailing list) to:  


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