The collection progresses and, for all intents and purposes, summer has arrived in the humid S.E.U.S.  Indigo continues to be part of my work and was the focus of my last post.  In addition to indigo-dyed cloth, Petal-Una’s seasonal collections will now also feature cloth painted and printed with naturally sourced colorants.  The color range with natural dyes is extensive and I am delighted to finally be adding them into my studio practice!  The following are selected images of pieces created so far.  Colorants used in these pieces: (top to bottom/left to right): Purples: Cochineal/Logwood; Pinks: Madder/Cochineal/Osage; Sage: Pomegranate/Iron/Indigo; Pomegranate/Iron/Madder.  Each piece is one-of-a-kind: each batch of cloth is small, yielding one to two garments at most; each piece created one at a time with a commitment to the pursuit of zero waste through various recovery techniques.  I am thrilled to report that all of the pieces in the images below have sold (!) but I will continue to create more in the months to come, including a new group/new fabrics emerging with this Fall’s collection.  All of these pieces are of hemp and cotton with external overlock detail.

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