Natural Pinks 2020

I’ve just added a couple of new tunics to the mix, each with its own unique character. I love how well they work with the cropped Indigo Mountain/Ocean jacket and the handpainted Fuscia scarf. The tunic cloth is hemp/cotton knit, hand-painted and printed with Cochineal and Madderroot. Seam is externally over-locked.

New for 2020

2020 has certainly been a very unusual year (to say the least!) so far, but my work continues, especially in the realm of Indigo resist-dyeing. The first pieces this year build on that technique. In future posts, look for more pieces enriched with Indigo, various tannins and other natural dyes. Also more in the future… Read More

Season’s end….

I have been adding natural dyes as another facet of my fabric-enrichment toolkit. (I have also added a new vest to the collection!) This season has featured a lot cloth surfaces produced with natural dyes, including the pieces featured in this post. Here I used Indigo in combination with madderroot (oranges and pinks) and black… Read More

Autumn Work…

Continuing my work with natural dyes and exploring new up-cycle options and I build the scope of this season’s collection. “Technical” data: these pieces are primarily made with stretch soy/organic cotton cloth printed/painted with logwood, cochineal and madderroot, dyes from a tree species, insect and a herbaceous perennial, respectively.

New Additions

Spring in the studio has been busy! I’ve been hand-printing and painting with natural dyes, working with indigo resist-dyeing, and building more up-cycled pieces. I have also begun to incorporate some stitch detail into some of the pieces which I am pretty excited about. Stay tuned for a features on some of this work. Meanwhile,… Read More